The Corruption Meter

Now what do u feel with corruption everywhere in and around whats the way out… The only flash is flush out the mind and make it a better place for good thoughts and thats not possible in a year / 2 its a long drawn process , that doesnt mean we look on as things happen. There should be a begining somewhere and some how.

INDIANS FEEL corruption in the country will increase in the next three years. This is according to the Global Corruption Barometer 2005, in which 1,063 households around the country were surveyed. Over 60 percent respondents said corruption in the country will rise because corrupt politicians are going to do nothing to check it. SK Aggarwal, vice-president of Transparency International (TI) India, which released the report here on Friday, says unless political parties five steps corruption can’t be checked. According to him, these are: Effective implementation of the Right to Information Act, implementation of a citizen charter, e-governance as a tool for effective governance, social audits and an annual report card for each government department. Delhi’s Chief Secretary S Regunathan agrees. “Unless and until there is a definite commitment from all quarters, checking corruption will not be easy,” he says. MP and former Delhi Speaker Ajay Maken, however, is optimistic. “Things will improve as we have three honest and sincere people -President Kalam, PM Manmohan Singh and UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi — heading the government”, he says. The police, which is perceived as the most corrupt institution, ought to institute `court martial’ type inquiries to combat corruption, says Director General (Home Guards) Kiran Bedi. Retired Supreme Court judge and Delimitation Commission chairman Kuldip Singh says he is surprised that the legal system/judiciary scores so high on the corruption charts. “Corruption is everywhere … I don’t say there is no corruption in the judiciary but it is restricted to the lower judiciary,” he says.

HONEST REFLECTIONS Military is perceived as most honest institution 12%paid bribe in past one year Rs4,600 was average amount of bribe given per household in past year

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