WTO India n Agriculture

Hongkong Street fight  : its commerce for some and existence or shud i say subsistence for some

Its rich vs poor and Developed Vs developing ? under developed, thats the race against time that the US is trying to win but kudos to the Indian team lead by Kamalnath the Commerce minister who was strict and strong on the point of negotiating the deal for the developing countries. He infact rejected giving away of any more market access to the big bros.

Its gr8 and Brazil has stood by the block. Now look at the western perspective and how they project and threaten India for standing for the cause.

This is BBC ‘s statement on its website by david lyon (BBC newsnight)

Why India puts its farmers first
A more plausible assumption , however, would split the difference between the American and European positions on farm trade and allow developing countries to cut their tariffs by much less than rich ones. This would raise developing countries’ income by $16 billion by 2015. Only 2.5m more people would be freed from extreme poverty than if there were no deal at all. Sub-Saharan Africa would gain almost nothing and only 500,000 of its people would escape extreme poverty.

The Bank used to sound much more optimistic (see chart 1). In early 2002, just after the Doha round was launched, it estimated that the efficiency gains from full trade liberalisation would boost developing countries’ income by almost $200 billion and reduce the number of extremely poor by over 100m. Subsequently, it suggested that a less ambitious round could still lift at least 60m people out of the direst poverty. Now, says one Bank economist privately, Doha could mean only “small beer” for the poor.

India needs a liberalisation of agreements to help its service industries, particularly in the software sector. But despite this the government is prepared to put the interests of its poor farmers first.

And now see look at kamalnath’s statement I love that :

 “For us Agriculture is not commerce its subsistence”

It was Arun Jaitley at Cancun and now its Kamal hats off to Indian politicians, atleast we are proud of some of u, for protecting not only the rights of millions of Indian farmers and poor but also the same around the world.

Look at the ins and outs of the WTO fight 


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