Religious debate if its opium / cynide

Is religion Opium or cynide ? Its an interesting debate and thats long due… I was just going thru one such articles from the Rediff columnists  today and its an interesting attempt though not complete but jumps to both sides of the fence debating (if i can call it that way to satisfy the columnist) . He talks for both the atheist and theists dont know if one can play cards / snooker against ones ownself ? Sounds good and interesting ..

The list is truly endless. Off the cuff, the Crusades, the killing of Jews by the Nazis, the trouble in Northern Ireland, the conflict in West Asia, the civil war in Sudan, the carnage in Yugoslavia, the tensions in the Philippines and Indonesia, the divisions in Fiji, the Shia-Sunni divide in Pakistan, the ‘us and them’ philosophy being so violently promoted by the likes of Osama bin Laden and his followers, the India-Pakistan wars, all have a religious angle to it. I am sure you will able to add substantially to that list.

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