Vijay Diwas : Biggest victory ever by any army anyewhere

The 1971 war in which pakistan (unprovoked war with India) has surrenderd its nearly 93,000 troops largest ever and lead to the creation of Bangladesh trashing the idea of a faith based state creation (the cornerstone of pakistan creation n partition of india). Thu the Vijay Diwas  has that scale of importance. And another feather in the cap of indian army is that it being the only army that was instrumental in creating (though forced by the circumstances) a new soverign state.

Getting down to the facts it was after the Mujibur rehman lead awami league’s glorious victory that the west pakistan (under the military rule) rejected the popular mandate and trashed the public support that lead to the popular upraising 1970 and furter resulted in the creation of pakistan after Mujibur rehman sort Indian assistence for his Mukhti Bahini for the pak army went ravaging and murdering the innocent “Bengalis” thats what one of their website says..

And look at the “revealing ” by the british secret papers, though as ever they sound neutral the BBC has a masterful tilt towards pakistan wonder what this Greatness is all about. And now look at the Bangladeshi version, despite the fact that it owes its existence from the Indians they have always been biting the hand that holds. This book titled Raw and Bangladesh  spews venom on India. And see the facts  

And yet today see the Dec 16thnewspapers  around Bangladesh, not a word of Acknowledgement if not appreciation for the Indians or even a metion of the Secularism or any positiveness.


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