Are the farmers ……..dead sheep

This is the fate of the 10 lakh families whose sole bread earner is the sheep rearing,and today allofthemare scared with a strange disease affecting their sheep.Not only affecting but it has swept away the sheeppopulation of the state:

Sheep dead in last 3 months :11 lakhs

Sheep sold at half price (scared of the disease): 4 lakh

Totallose : 260cr

Did the Govt provide any relief ?: NO

Reason : We havent doneit before nor willwe doit now

Alternative from Giovt : will siuggest the banks to give loans without hackles,and what do the banks say ::: Show security. Earlier when the Cotton and other cash crops started victimising the Andhra farmer the cleaver ones opted for the sheeprearing which provided some relief,but now with the disease taking the toll of the farmers sheepthe farmer is susceptible tothe suicides cioz theres no other alternative while the govt looks away.

After the 19998 strokeof the same disease the then govt organised 2 camps annual and the vaccines were given now with the govt gone the vaccines are also gone. The then Govt appealed the centralgovt to produce or get some vaccine.

Taking the death toll to 2.14 lakh and with no permanent vaccine where shall the farmers go from here but for the Suicides.


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