I don kno what I like ? Probably the Futuristic reality

The article in the Indian Express (sunday) is a nice piece I love it more for its vision and the dreamy sense in it rather than for anything else. It starts with

THE Narmada may not be synonymous with Ahmedabad the way the Yamuna is with Delhi or the Hooghly is with Kolkata.

yeah the goodynes of the article is so sweet that I love to read it again and again. Perhaps we need more pieces that can give us a vision rather than just complain. And this article in particular gives a wonderful comprehensiveness not just the development (so called urbanised) but the human side of it which says

‘‘The slum-dwellers are being relocated to three different sites equipped with basic facilities. So far we have had no problem with them,’’

Although the Financial and statistical figures drag on and slow down (or infact fasten coz i rarely read them) the pace of the piece. Then theres this reassurence ‘There’s no danger of it turning into one giant pau-bhaji joint.’

And more due for surprise a comparison with the DDAs Yamuna clean up plan and the Hooghly river in Kolkata, but there are things unpleasant abt the article..Isnt it a bit too long

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