I love the national anthem

Yesterday night i was at the Abhinay theatre in bangalore. We were bored and wanted to watch a movie, Neel n Nikki. We reached at about 6:00 pm and bought tickets, and in the theatre i had a couple of pleasant surprises that iam sure will cherrish for a long time.

1) the Newsreel : U remember those tiny bits of items played before the actual movie, no iam not talking abt the advts and the trailers the news items just like the Docu films. Yeah that was on KALLARIPAYYAT  Though it was cut before it even ran half… I liked it.

2) The second was the greatest and pleasentest one… A slide came on the screen asking the audience to stand up and  respect the national anthem while it is played  I was overawed by the slide and u know what above all at the end of it some drunk fellow didnt mind getting up and man he was given a left and right by the audiences.. GR* India u move ahead.

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