Karan starts where Vir leaves

Yeah true thats what it feels when u read this weeks Columns of the two favs. While Vir was talking about the hypocracy and the lot of things the Indian politician that are notorious for, Karan  carries on the mantle to compare the british polity with Indian and asks for a change. What does he say is it some thing like the ” India is crying for a change” or is it India is craving for a change . Either way Karan u r right. Yes u r right karan the Emotional article has touched me somewhere and Iam sure the change has started somewhere. The Young (Iam not sure of the MPs ) are changing. And you just wait we dont need a David cameroon imported we have lots Rajivs and Indiras, as also the Narsimharaos and Vajpayees  in India who can give a new direction. They are going to resurface.

The emotions in ur article karan have touched me so much that I am flattered by ur article (This one as also the past ones) And thats why Karan is called India’s own Tim Sabastian on TV 


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