Reality in contradiction

I dont quite understand this Reality in contradiction. Yeah and especially the NEw age gurus or whatever u call them. Talk to me abt the service , human development or giving a helping hand sort of things its ok.. But not the spiritual stuff.

Then how come i read this one piece by Sri Sri Ravishankar in the New indian Express on Sunday.. God (if there)  he alone knows. The innovativeness in which this fella raised issues right at the begining of the article….

Truth is contradictory, if it is not contradictory, then it is not truth! Bhagvad Gita is full of contradictions. You can understand it only if you see it in totality.

My god..

‘‘He is intelligent who sees ‘action’ in ‘inaction’ and ‘inaction’ in ‘action’.’’

Hope now u understand why? its all gol gol … isnt it but yeas theres something about this man…..Look at the way he has started off and the way he leads. No doubt thats why hes been Nominated for this years Nobel(ssssh thast the secret only Art of living ppl know carefull aaaah). And even Francois gautier  writes in rediff on the probability (infact reasons for not getting one) for a noble to Srisri.

By the way Francois is our dean and u wanna see his works, here u go but with a word of caution(u need courage to read his works too).


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