The Reds and the Secret rig

A sense of Hope has engulfed India atleast after the free and fair election in the country’s worst (law n order) situation existing states (read Bihar). And now after this particular report which the Indian Exxpress says it has a copy or atleast excerpts of (if it were to be believed and can b believed i suppose) The AMANULLAH KHAN report As its is called, the EC needs to be more vigilant . Known are the tactics of the REDs The scenting and the planting dummies  the EC needs more Amanullah Khans and the Raos more hands (given the fact that evenb the Police and Paramilitary has been unionised the EC has even little options.)

And theres another story that I wud like to mention a sunday feast (atleast for me ) that of Tavleen singh,  giving a left and a right to sitaram yechury point by point throwing questions and answering his Questions as well as levelling huge brickbats. She doesnt spare Sonia (whom she calles the Mrs G) her only blunder being (according to Tavleen) Mrs G’s economic policy ignorance (which she says the REDs are exploiting).



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