Girl child : Life worse than a dog (Kolkata)

An educated couple with a son n Daughter picture perfect. Goes the article but then comes the twist in the story, the boy falls ill and the worried parrents rush to a hospital, and cut the scene to the Girl falling ill and the parrents try all sorts of Home remidies. Ridiculous thats what u felt isnt it me 2. But thats the fact in Kolkata Amchi Kolkata. Or so reveals the Latest findings by a research organisation All India Institute of Hygiene and Public Health (AIIPH)

Can u believe that theres still such practice in atleast Metros but its true and thriving on the Superstitions.

All’s not fair in Kolkata homes

69% Of Sick Girls Don’t Get Treatment As Parents Don’t Take Them To A Doc

By Priyanka Dasgupta/TNN

Kolkata: Imagine a young educated couple with two bright kids—a boy and a girl—in a posh apartment block in the city. Picture perfect. But only till the boy falls ill and his worried parents rush him to a private doctor. For, when their daughter
falls sick, they try out various home remedies before visiting the doctor.
Horrified? But that’s the fact. According to a survey conducted by the All India Institute of Hygiene and Public Health (AIIPH), girl children are discriminated against in hundreds of affluent homes across Kolkata. The institute, which scrutinised the behaviour of over 600 families, came up with these startling revelations. In over 61% cases, it was found that parents rushed to a
private practitioner when their male child fell ill. But the girl child gets such treatment only in 31% cases, with parents preferring to wait for a few days before taking a girl to the doctor in 69% cases.
The study divided the city into north, south, east and central zones. The trend was more rampant in north and central Kolkata.
“South is a bit more progressive than the other two zones,’’ said G K Pandey, head of department of Public Administration at AIIHPH. But the study took into account the Hindu population only. “We left out other religions in order to maintain clarity,’’ said research team head S Banerjee. In most cases, parents failed to explain why they choose to wait before taking the girl to the doctor. In fact, the study also shows that if the son and daughter fall ill simultaneously, it’s the son who gets medical aid first.
The behaviour, say psychologists, stems from the deep-rooted mindset that only the male heir will preserve the family line.
Psychologist Paromita Mitra Bhowmic said, “Once a male child is born, the family’s entire focus shifts to him. So, such treatment is absolutely normal in case of families which consider a girl a liability.’’
Even sociologists admit that girls are discriminated against, however subtle, even among educated middle-class parents. “May be, they feel girls should be more resilient. Such discriminatory attitude often makes the girls secretive about their illnesses,’’ warned sociologist Prasanta Roy.

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