Superstition retrograde

This week has been a feast for the readers with India Today (IT) comming up with its 30 years celebration spl issue, and the Week comming out with weeknesses of human mind the Superstitions. Though I like the Weeks theme and Expected a lot from the Gold painted like cover of the IT, that was a dhud nothing but chronicling / shud i say the Reprint of their milestones, unlike the Outlooks spl issue (which incidentally was a couple of weeks ago) there was nothing notable.

Atleast the Outlook team was creative in doing what IT did. Thats what make s the diff.

Comming back to the week   its theme was superb though not up to the mark. The highlight of the Web edition though is (Just kidding) The last pic at the bottom of the Article which has

Flicker of death A whole lot of civilian superstitions have a fauji

But the rest of it is burried in the Black background of the graphic which the Graphic designer perhaps forgot to change.

fauji origin. Like the one about lighting three cigarettes with one match bringing bad luck. In the days of trench warfare it used to be said that the enemy would make out your general position in the first flicker, take aim in the second, and shoot you in the third flicker.

And specific instances like that of the army riffleman who died  in the china war and is still considered alive by the army are interesting. And hoards of such things.. pretty interesting but not beyond a point.


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