The BBC style taking sides

Like this bridge in the News item (by Chakothi, Pakistan-administered Kashmir )page of BBCs website the worlds most famous (or should i call it notorious) Propoganda machine is incomplete broken and nowhere near to the facts. it says one side of the story so cleaverly …

Kashmir was included in India after independence from Britain.

It is a Muslim majority area adjacent to Pakistan, so Pakistanis believed it should have acceded to the Muslim state.

In 1948 Pakistan fought its first war with India, capturing a part of the territory.

The UN says the status of Kashmir should be decided by plebiscite, so does Pakistan.

But Delhi insists Kashmir is now an integral part of India, refusing any solution based on territorial change or confessional divide.

Many Kashmiris want neither India nor Pakistan.

An insurgency erupted in the Indian-administered Kashmir in the late 1980s.

It has been brutally suppressed by the Indian army.

And goes on to describe (The BBC style) the Terrorism in Kashmir as a freedomstruggle. (Ok Point taken why then is the British Army fighting the IRA when they are freedom fighters) Double standards western style.

Rubble at the Line of Control
Pakistan has been accused of supporting militants cross border
By Barbara Plett
Look at the caption down here it is “ACCUSED OF” and not actually supporting.

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