Suicide debate Won but life lost

BELATED GESTURE: Varsha, wife of Maruti Rasse, 28, who committed suicide in Pisgaon, Yavatmal in June. The family which had got no compensation earlier, received it the moment their name appeared on the National Commission on Farmers’ tour itinerary. – Photo: P. Sainath.

This is a heart warming news article from the Hindustan Times . A school Girl Deepali Kolhe Won the Second prize for her wonderful skill in the deabate over “Why Vidarbha framers are forced to  and commit Suicide?” and the worst is waiting her back home the poverty back hiome takes another toll the Winner of the debate on the same topic, Deepali herself,  ofcourse 3 days later.

According to HT Deepali’s father was a cotton farmer Balakrishna  and according to him it came naturally for Deepali as itys nothing new she spoke it was everyday struggle and experience is more powerful than any learning. Her father however is strangely relieved that atleast one of his children is free from Poverty.


“Up to 400 farmers have committed suicide in Maharashtra so far this year”


Statistics reveales recently in Rajya Sabha : out of the 5800 suicides of farmers in the year 2004-05 more than 3000 suicides have occurred in Karnataka only.


26 debt-ridden farmers of Guntur district had sold their kidneys

While the Congress has criticised the TDP over the findings, its own record is not unblemished either. Between May 14, 2004 (the year the party came to power) and November 10, 2005, 1068 farmers committed suicide. But the TDP as put the figure at 2,583 in addition to the starvation deaths of 277 weavers.

Its not just Deepali but thousands of others  (Farmers left with nothing but a hope to free themselves from the clutches of Poverty followed by continuous failing of crops), and the Phenomena of farmers suicides has been around and here to stay until we stop looking west for solutions of Indigenous problems.  See the stats that the acadamia  rolls out. And lots of print flows News lives only short. Theres more to live for rest of us but the afrmer dies everyday feeding us. as P sainath says Cry, the beloved countryside . Its truly the agrarian Crisis or should it be called the National calamity and yeh by the way why is nobody demanding this to be a national calamity. Are the farmers lives not worth at all. Imagine the situation if 58% of all the Households of vidarbha are in debts. Reason the so called Govt is unrelenting to listen to their woes, and the banks are ofcourse busy offering interest free loans to the rich and mighty. And are u wondering about the Compensation from govt forget that, u must be day dreaming to think of that. look at the stats they show only 11 of the 300 n odd suicide victims being compensated.

The State admits it costs around Rs.2200 to produce a quintal of cotton. Yet the scrapping of the advance bonus means farmers will get Rs.1700 a quintal. A price last seen in 1994.

This is the support price thats killing even more farmers.

and look at the Social impact thats the Phenomenan called the Suicides, Families loosing their bread winners leave them in the lurch for the vultures in human form the money lenders. Then the Children are left out of school for ever worse is they land up as child labourers. And you know what the govts are doing happily hiking the user charges for water, irrigation, and then changing statistics (thats what they are the Deaths are just mere statistics)to suit their needs.

This is not the case of just the vidarbha its the same with Andhra pradesh where even the krishna Delta region reported Suicides(Krishna delta is known for the prosperity 3 crops a year), then karnataka, and other agrarian states ( Andhra Pradesh, Punjab, Karnataka and Maharashtra. though the nos are noty huge enough for the govt to take a note!)

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