What Young Indian MPs think ?

Its niceto hear the views of the Young especially if they are our elected reprsentatives spanning all the political parties of the country. And moreso at a time when the Country is bogged down by a series of stings.

When  Milind Deora of the Congress says that the country should open up the Defence industry to the Private sector he means that there will be employment opps for the young and it will open a flood of jobs (obviously hes refering to the US as an example).

And when Omar Abdullah says AAM ADMI is what matters, he means it (but is a bit more emotional when he talks of the govts in Delhi are not committed the day he was sworn in as chief of his party yet again was seen in the newspaper, it might be for a particular audience that he was forced to impress in the J n K but it creates a disturbance)  I am very much impressed when he says he is cautiously optimistic of the 2006. Also his opinion that the recent stings have bettered the attendence in the house and hopes that 2006 will be moving towards cleaner politics.

Sachin Pilot wants brand India to be there, not shaped by others which is not possible 2 but shaped by diverse ppl of India. Iam happy when he says “we are on the threshold of becomming one of the frontranking countries of the world”. An optimism well deserved.

The former Journalist and army officer has some interesting poits to make, though influenced by politics. Manvendra Singh’s opening is interesting “When camera gets mightier than the pen” What he means is ofcourse the Sting ops.  And the word lost the struggle to the Visual is what troubles him. He has evidence though while the Mitrokhin Archives werent discussed in the media the Stings were.

Navin Jindal is for Fighting back he wants the Right to information bill to be a weapon in the ahnds of the Corporate India. “Change the system rather than Bemoan it” shouts the young MP. And he challenges to come up with cretive ideas / suggestions for a collaborative effort between the Siociety and the Corp world hes open for it and will take up the idea.  The Congress MP lauds the efforts of the reservations in the Private sector indirectly when he calls on the corp to involve more backward classes , SC n STs, as well as women. He doesnt miss a pat on his own back and truly this is the first time an young industrialist has joined electroral politics.

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