Kalam Guides TOI (Can u believe TOI has front page +ive stories)

It was a pleasant morning today when I woke up to see off one of my friends and walked to the Newsstands to pick up my copy of Times of India and Vijaytimes, and then something stuck me that I couldnt believe my senses. The TOI  with positive news on the front page, My goodness has the devil come ruling the planet earth, or is it the Sun rised in the west, seriously I have no Idea.
But let me tell u it was the best gift India has ever had and let me also assure u the trend is gonnna stay for long.

Earlier it was The Indian Express  Mumbai edition that brought out the India Empowered Campaign  on the eve of  Independence Day, 2005 launched on 14th Aug 2005. Rewinding back  4 months and comparing things that have changed since is a very satisfactory experience. Right from the time it was launched and flagged off by none other than the wonderfull person India has ever seen on top the Raisina hill President Kalam said “India Empowered to me is Knowledge taking roots in the village”.  Then the next Good news was each and every newspaper worth the print in India has started covering the Tsunami Stories atleast for the past 1 week and the journey is on….

Now as a lookback to the Tsunami victims of the Dec 26 2004 and remembering them recounting all that happened TOI has brought out (I seriously cant believe this) a special issue and above all has Mr Kalam as the Editor (the protocol doesnt allow such a thing so putting it in other words Kalam gives his preferences and picks the Stories). Do we need anything more ?

Its like bringng back memories of the eminent figures that ruled the editorial desks at TOI (S. Sadanand, Frank Moraes, Tushar Kanti Ghosh or Durga Das, let alone a Devdas Gandhi or a Pothan Joseph and the likes) and might be this wouldbring smiles back to people like P sainath who nostagically regrets for the TOI  that it has now become a Page 3 newspaper rather than one for the Development and Public Issues. (I found this interesting thread  on a discussion forum)

Atlast theres something happening in Indian News media with Competition and bettermet going hand in hand. Shouldnt we thank the Tehelka or to that matter the 11 MPs that were cought on camera, or the next batch of some 6 and the latest being the dummy Passports issue of the MPs. But for them it would have been all the same again. The parliament is now functioning with full houses and the walkouts and runnng into the well have disappeared.

Seriously there seems to be some good times for Indian English Media Journalism.
()Heres some nice debate on a blog   again

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