Is our culture so inhuman ?

It pains to learn that India killed brutally 10 million girls even befor their birth ! A latest survey from an Indo-Canadian research project shows taht on an average some 500,000 girls are killed as a result of the Female foeticide. The preference of male child over a Female one in indian mindset is the root cause. The worst affected states being the states of Punjab, Hrayana, Delhi, Gujarat where brides are being imported from outside tells the intensity of the problem.

Science is no divine in the crime sharing its equal part by providing the technology for the determination of sex of the unborn, giving a choice (Shud i say choice or reason) to kill the baby girls. As the Girl child is seen as a liability as a result of the exorbident Dowry culture that still exists even in the educated elite.

Heres a photoessay  on the subject by Ruhani a freelance journalist awarded by the National Foundation for India fellowship for 2005.  And heres the Exclusive related bunch of essays .

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