Who the hell said Bihar is not developed?

Yeah if u are thinking of Bihar as an underdeveloped state think again? Heres the proof… The state is the only one to use the latest mobile money transfer which the world (or is it India was thinking,  is just thinking of…!) Now call it an E transaction / M transaction goes the report in DNA a newspaper from Mumbai.

The paper says the need for the Technology arose when the migrant workers 35000 strong from assam wanted a reliable source to transfer their hard earned money to their homes back in Bihar. All of these are no white collar job holders but simple Rickshaw pullers, railway porters and construction workers and dont panic theres more shock the amt they transfer is also not huge but mere 500 / 1000 and comfortably the charge is Rs. 10 extra per transaction if its to be delivered to a specific person in the house. The charges are Rs 8 – Rs 10 per transaction depending on the remoteness of the village. The business is in the hands of some 20 such  operators just call up the operator / SMS him and be assured ur money is delivered in ur home safe and prompt. Isnt it another success story in the making a la Dabbahwallah. The money is transmitted the same day and confirmation any guesses yes by SMS.

The total business is something around Rs. 13 crores by the Dept of posts and its competitors deliver something around Rs. 30 – 35 lakh every month which is 25 % of the totals.


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