Entry for January 31, 2006

Yeah Atlast TIMES NOW  is on air, From today Jan 31 early morning  … but guess what I am not satisfied with  either the presenattion / the look or even the so called FEEL It looks more like a business channel and even the news selected  were not that good. Will have to see how it catches up with  other players.
There was some sort of BREAKING STORY it was about exclusive tapes  of Abu Salems conversations with his hit men (repeated for ever, saying  First time on Indian Television blah blah ….). God save Indian TV  (Only news channels when I meant that)Such boring stuff that u switch over to either the CNN IBN / NDTV / the India TV / ZEENEWS or hoards of other channels. I think CNN IBN had outdone the others atleast thats what I felt, the otherday there was this one Richard Quest from CNN at  CNN IBN studios he was super and believe me he is different from the pack of cards  that present an extraordinary and unnatural formality on the screen.


From what i learnt on the programme 360 degrees with Sagarika Ghose  taking Richard round the studio (CNN IBN) its an awesome programme. And they say there are nearly 70 and odd news channels (including the vernacular / local language channels) and its great to b part of the revolution.


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