Kamasutra The AIDS of Computer

What AIDS is to Humans Kamasutra is to Computers, surprised ? Yes you truly deserve to be coz, this is one thing strange. The Virus called by various names (listed below)attacks the Anti virus softwares first and then moves on to its prey the office documents including pdfs and others. 

The worm thats called the Kamasutra, Blackmail and My wife, Nyxem-E, Grew and CME-24 and by hoards of other names was expected have a huge toll on Computers round the world. And it was as if the world would come down, atleast the media hype said so. So what exactly was this virus and how did it affect us ? Was it really that dangerous and ruthless or was it another hype call by anti-vius experts (read companies) to sell off their products. SO much has been said and written about this virus that everybody started panicking.

Lets see ! The virus wasnt that devastating. Atleast by the reported havoc that it created in Asian, European systems. Less than or on a much liberal estimate something around 1 million computers were reported to have been affected.

  Also according to the BBC, the countries with the highest levels of Nyxem-E infection are the following:

1) India – 37%
2) Malaysia – 23%
3) Indonesia – 9%
4) Thailand – 5%
5) Philippines – 4%
6) United Arab Emirates – 3%
7) Singapore – 3%
8) United States – 2%
9) Peru – 2%
10) Sri Lanka – 1%

And regarding the virus itself, it came packaged in raunchy and voyersome subject names like say sex, Videos, Miss Lebannon, Hot Movie, Arab Sex, give me a kiss, pix, Fwd: crazy illegal sex and so on and so forth. And the virus would download earlier to or on the day of  Feb 3rd and get activated to wipe off all the office documents (incl word, Excel, ppt all from Microsoft ofcourse). So what do we do ?

Get a Virus clean up a latest one ofcourse, and then before that dont ever open the Mail attachment with the above mentioned file names/ subjects.

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