Iam pleased …..

Iam pleased to watch this piece of article atleast for sometime on Indian Express.

U wondering whats that about, Well let me explain. The rural affairs and the problems facing the villages has been a topic thats long been forgotten by the Indian Press  (Read english language press). I know and understandably its the urban centric audience that has to be pampered with colorful large (read huge / full page) advts and the Newspaper has become an enterprise . Truly why not, when u invest so much amounts in the technology and human resource it has to be so.

I would like to mention the piece written by VG Verghese on the National Newsppaper day Jan 29th which appeared in Deccan herald only and no other paper unfortunately covered / mentioned it.

Who shall watch the watchdog if it errs?  

But theres something called social responsibility (so u wanna call me fool) be it. And the press has long forgotten that. Comming to my self styled happiness in looking at small things like an article in the English press, like this one recently found (ie today’s paper)

Here loan isn’t fixed or floating, it simply means sinking”


The Indian Express travels across Vidarbha,  meets families of 15 farmers who killed themselves in January and finds how government’s cotton policy and moneylenders help write the suicide notes

Almost all cotton farmers here have taken a minimum of Rs 30,000 as “short-term” crop loan from local co-operative banks. Terms: Payable in a year. Interest rate, hold your breath, 13 per cent. That’s not all. Many of these farmers have loans outstanding from previous years, from moneylenders whose minimum interest rate is 36 per cent!

The columnist has a rational analysis of the ground situation while at the same time empathising with the local farmer and at the same time maintaining the balance with official comments of the administration.

Truly Iam. Coz i ususally find such a thing in THE HINDU paper once in a while. That too unless a P sainath covers it with energy and dedication to the cause. (cheers to the man). Let me pitch in as an optimistic than rule it out as wishful thinking when i say I EXPECT MORE SUCH THINGS IN THE PRESS (again read English language press).

Why cotton farmers can’t weave their insurance safety net

 This article by Sonu Jain is a rather poor written piece lacking in flow as well as well documented facts and figures.

Until debt do us part: cotton farmer and the moneylender


Cooperative societies meant to lend to farmers are bankrupt. So loan sharks scent blood. There’s a 59-yr-old law to regulate them — only on paper

Not every farmer wrote a suicide note but of the 15 who died in January, The Indian Express found that all of them were, in addition to bank loans, in debt to private moneylenders. Hardly a surprise since the cooperative societies, the institutional system of credit, have gone bankrupt, leaving the field wide open for these moneylenders.

The farmers that commit suicide are the luckiest while their families usually survived by wife and children (worse if the children are girls sorry to say but its fact atleast in todays India). And the Government is to be blamed with antique laws (Some as old as 1948) make the money lenders a possibility (ofcourse see th condition of the banks and officers they are the modern rajas who fly up and down for repayment collections for amounts as low as a lakh or lesser) and the farmer is harassed for even sanction of the loans. At the other end is the rich and elie customer who gets a loan from his home on a phone call (papers sent to his home).


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