The Festival of MUharram or Ashura

The Shiite festival of Ashura / or Mourning is a rather violent festival  atleast in this part of the globe. In Hyderabad the festival suumes a rather reddish look with blood stained  all over the what is called the MATHAM celebrations. The route of this matham is spilled with blood.

But there are ofcourse other ways of celebrating the festival peacefully. Like as it is done in some parts of the globe. Orinally celebrated as a mourning to the killing of the Hussien (the third Temporal and spiritual Calliphah), the incident ofcourse changed the way Islam is and was. Two major sects have since evolved, Shiites (15 % of the world Muslims), and the Sunnis (Majority) . Its another story that there have since evolved atleast 40 other sects (wahabbis, sufis etc).

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