The Spring is around so are celebrations. Gomateswara – MAHAMASTAKABHISHEKA

Jain devotees showering flowers on the statue of Gomateshwara on the first day of the 11-day Mahamastakabhisheka ceremony in Shravanabelagola, on Wednesday. PTI Gallery of the Abhisheka 

The Vasant / Spring in India like in countries around the world, is time for festive season. Like the festival of the Mahamastakabhisheka, where u find not only spiritual solace but colors, grandeur and pomp, there are others equally significant like thi one at the surajkund  Where participants flock from other neighbouring as well as far off countries. This festival named after the palce located in haryana is great hotspot for handicrafts.

While the Maghmela  is a colourful confluence of people thronging to the Ganga to just take a dip in the holy river, in the Hindu holy month of Magha. This year, the mela began on January 14. Every six years, the Magh Mela is upgraded to the Ardh Kumbh or the ‘half’ Kumbh. Every 12 years, it is the Maha Kumbh.


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