Getting Filmy for a change in hyderabad

In the meanwhile I was able to sqease in some time to sneak and watch a couple of movies though Iam not a movie buff. But would not mind to watch a “better” movie ie., with gud reviews and comments from the friends and media as well.

I thought I would watch Rang De Basanti (RGB). It was ofcourse a better “movie” by my own standards and tried a second time too. (Its another thing that some how I felt bored at the end of the movie ie., last 15 minutes.) Over all that was a nice movie watching experience. Yeah and I would like to tell you my experience of the state of Hyderabad cinema theatres. And I always liked the way Prez Kalam put it ” Genes are Indian so no question or threat of Western / any culture overshadowing us” and thats what RGB is all about. Well done Rakeysh.

The RGB experience has been wonderful at an theatre to that matter but, still Ramakrishna theatre in Nampally was a straining experience despite the fact that RGB was wonderful movie. Normally when u like the movie all other things like is the fan running or the A/c working or the seats are comfortable would be washed away. And the second time that I watched the movie was last night ie., 12th Jan 2006 at Sangeeth in Secunderabad. My god why and how do people flock to sangeeth so much. The theatre is god damn worst seating.

And mind you, had to buy some 15 tickets in Black for a 18 Rs extra. I know its wrong to do that but God save me, I couldnt help but go n sit in with friends.

And then theres this movie childrens one (i dont know if is ?!) “Narnia” it was back to the fairys kind of. I liked the movie though the theatre was a bakwas one. Yeah i’ll tell u the name of the theatre its in Kachiguda near railway station “KUMAR” I liked the movie.Its about getting lost in a fairy tale an unknown mistic land and again comming back tracing home. Funny isnt it?

And hey India Wins with a bang in the 3rd ODI against pakistan by 4 runs and 5 wickets. And well done Dhoni. Dhoni ney to Dho dalaa.

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