The peace hiker

The peace hiker sorry I didnt give u his name last time oooh so u went and learn from the blog well done boy.  So his name anyway is Matej Sedmak a slovenian and mind u hes currently in India , and guess what in Bangalore and more surprises hes gonna b at the art of livings Silver jubilee (after rejecting the Slovekian presidents offer to fly back home along with him they paid for the mistake .) celebrations.Image

It was great to find the peace hiker ( )again at the blog on CNN IBN. mmmm interesting peace hiker!@. The other time I thought i would travel like u, and now as i brood over all things and do my job, I feel anyway Iam doing the same thing but ofcourse, the only difference being, I have money and loads of baggage while travelling.

My best trip was ofcourse Kashmir. Travelling through the valley. Was at the lal chowk, hours befor the blast adn firing took place in July. That was sometime after 20 / 21st (If iam not wrong) this July for 10 days, just 2 c how it feels to be in a “troubled place”. And except for the absence of Mainstream media and lot of TATA sumos I havent felt anything different. It was same as anyother place on earth / India. The whole place was not much of a difference fro rest of the country but for the Gun totting and securing Indian Army and paramilitary forces.

I was in Kanyakumari and Tsunami affected areas, again to feel how it is to be in the firing line! Sad but the suffering was unbearable, not to mention the official apathy (not everywhere but at some places.) & felt the dead are more lucky than the living. Yeah while u travel dont u see all these things, I have @. I dont know If iam pessimistic or otherwise. But I see things and wanna visit all those places that are suffering and do something something however small it may be. I know I cant all the time but let me give it a try.
Wish me gud luck.

Hey and Iam gonna be in B’lor on 17th for the Art of Living Silver Jubilee, also by the way visit the MAHAMASTAKABHISHEKA .

But I do nod my ahead in agreeing with you when u say ” each one us can take our small part in making a difference”. Iam sorry if  I have added up my own words to yours (I am like that).

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