Its the turn of the Onion farmer now!

The Onion farmers of nashik have tears in their eyes no you wrong if you think they are weeping, Its the lowest ever onion prices for the crop that are making them helpless. The Nashik mandi reported the lowest ever Onion prices Rs 150 – 275 / quintal . 

(seems like theres gonna be a change in the reporting standards over here in Indian “READ English media” The Indian express is strictly following the farmers plight Congrats nyway.)

Various resons again for the fall in prices. But who cares after all its the farmer who is suffering . The Late kharif crop and the excess of crop area (up by 5%) also no market for exporting (Sleeping govt) have all contributed to the piittance prices. Moreover theres one more reason for the farmers tears the shelf life of the crop is very less unless the crop is dried up properly.

And alas the first count has started with the first suicide from the nashik belt an onion farmer killing himself despite good harvest, quality and nice timing. But who cares for the Farmer anyway. If it were the Industry and the business houses there would have been a hell of a noice out there.

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