Mahakriya at AOL’s Silver Jubilee

I was at the Art of Living Silver Jubilee, and man it was an experience of a life time. It was a wonderful experience felt like being out of the body.  Its not easy to describe the feeling of sitting with a million people  and meditating.

The best part, ofcourse apart from the kriya itself was the President of India Mr Kalams speach. Dear u should seen the crowd standing up in amazing craze for the wisdom of the prez. There was a standing ovation  from, imagine a million people from across the globe sitting in the JAKUR air field atleast a couple of times. And they were yearning for more, asking where they would get the complete video if not atleast the text of the speach I was successfully marketing the Prez’s website.

He was fantastic. And the crowd behaved a lot mature than anyother, I have ever seen / imagined. A million people despite so many guests and digntaries from around the globe.

Ofcourse the first two days were a chaos, atleast at the food courts and the transport facility. But given the amazing amount of people floating in and out its expecting for more, for a perfection at this event atleast.


2 thoughts on “Mahakriya at AOL’s Silver Jubilee

  1. Anonymous

    I have noticed that the crowd that come for the art of living meditation and kriya are exceptionally well-behaved. You don’t even realise there are such huge numbers around. So much of discipline!!

    I am sure th President’s speech was awe-inspiring. He is one heck of a man and his words are worth listening to!!

  2. Veeru వీరు

    Thats an amazing celebration and celebration in its truest forms… I loved the audience, loved the chaos of the first day, but 2nd and 3rd were better organised…

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