Its the turn of the Poultry dependents to kiss the rope

India being the fifth largest producer of the Poultry products and 9th in the chicken itself saves nothing for it and millions dependent on the industry as such. And its heartening to see that lakhs of them are being sliced of and I wonder if thats the  solution?

The Navapur town 400 km of Mumbai witnessed large scale culling of the chicken allegedly / suspectedly infected with Avian flu strain and 12 people were quarantained as early as saturday feb 18th.

“Govt shows forked tongue for chicken”, read The Times of India front-page headline.

Health workers culled as many as 400, 000 birds, even as the siouthern state of Karnataka had reports of 16,000 birds being killed.  The poultry workers wonder what would be their fate after the whole episode is completed successfully. They fear their jobs and empoloyment. India has a whopping Rs. 25,000 crore Poultry industry.

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