Feel sorry for the chicken the illiterate Sarpanches & female foeticide

Its been heartening and you cant either help it or do something but to watch it closely. Lakhs are now turning in to million, and who knows where its going to stop ? The culling of the birds continues in India, especially maharashtra (Nawapur) and the blaze is spreading fast. With states banning poultry products  from affected states the issue is more of poor farmers and my pity goes to them.

The other day I was going thru the newspaper (If i am not wrong its Times of India yesterdays Bangalore edition ). Theres some interesting stuff.   According to the paper a survey by the Mass education department and the Dept of rural development and panchayat raj says that out of the 94,000 Grama panchayats (rural administrative bodies for self governance) 23,000 Gram panchayats are headed by Sarpanches who are illiterates. Isnt that a big Shock.Image

No Iam not blaming anyone for that Its obvious that in a vast country like India  there are areas that are still untouched by govt scheme/ campaigns and blah blah blah. But how do u justify the huge almost a quarter of the panchayats “headed by” not inhabited by iliiterate representatives. This is pity atleast I feel that way. God where have those millions of rupees gone (I know into the drain). And how come we dream of a developed India. (God save India).

And heres one more article from I dont know from Which paper I have picked this one about child marraiges.  The news relates to Andhra Pradesh the southern state which boasted of then IT friendlyness and building up on lines of shanghai and singapore. Every year

It finds roots in the belief that such marriages keep property and money within families. Couples tie the knot at the auspicious moment when Lord Shiva is supposed to have married the Goddess Gnanaprasoonamba. Last year, 2,500 marriages took place, of which 300 were of child couples, who were in the age group of 12-15.

This has been the state of affairs for the past many years. Srikalahasti which is the piligrimage centre and visited by millions of devotees every year is the venue for such a superstitious and I dont know what to call it. And still the govt doesnt take necessary steps.

And at the far end of the North in Punjab the state of affairs is still worse. With sex ratio dropping to an alarming 529: 1000 in some villages (for example Nai Majra has 437:1000) due to female foeticide. Who will teach them poor no They are well off some of them are ofcourse. And its not that nothing is being done the Deputy Commissioner Mr Krishna Kumar  Nawanshahar has been able to radicalise the awareness and change process. “Initially” he says “I didnt know things were so bad”.

Image Image
“I was shocked to discover that there has been a sharp increase in female foeticide in Punjab. This is a blot on the name of a valiant and gallant people.” Manmohan Singh, Prime Minster
Image Image

ImageIf the Prime minister who hails from this part of the country has a comment of this sort you can imagine the situation on the ground. And its not their fault they have gone cut off from the roots. Most of the politicians infact are.

When statistics tabulated by the 2001 census came out a few years ago, the country sat up and took note of the dismal sex ratio which the  prosperous, green revolution states of Punjab (793:1000) and Haryana (820:1000) threw up. —Outlook Feb 27th 2006

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