The amatuer folk FM station in Bihar

Raghav is his name and now hes is a hit in all the community radio related forums. Wondering what he is all about ? Patience endures. THis is his story a story of an illegal FM station!? No nothing negative or ponder about that no matter what the Govt of India says on licensing all the FM broadcasts / infact air waves to put it straight, this villager from Bihar has set up an FM station and is catering to the local people, with news, Hindi, Bhojpuri, Folk and devotional songs.

Not only that when he shut it down (He was told its illegal to run an FM without License) the local public from 20 km around were at his doorstep to pursuade him to keep it going. NAd guess what hes running it for free (No Financial gains whatsoever.). If thats not enough he has set up the whole kit for a mere 50 bucks.

Innovation thy name is Raghav (by the way his name is raghav mahato).

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