Bechara Bush

Thats what I feel when I see The reds Jumping all over on the sight (or word) of Bushs India visit, not only them an array of political and social groups are all over jumping at the same reason. Poor man he wanted to escape the domestic ire and created a much more deadlier evils, which now are swaying for his blood. Now first it was the rights, then he tried the Alqaida, then he tried the Laden, and ofcourse when the ball was set rolling theres no stopping. The Afghan war, the Iraq war, and then now the ball is unstoppable its running towards the Iranians. Now who knows the next deestination.

And now to mark something real different hes trying his guns at China (or so the gossippers say) by trading Nuclear treaty  with India. Will this one work ? Well difficult to say but not a bad ploy. Poor India (Read Manmohan) is under so much pressure that the “outside Supporters” to the UPA Govt is also for his blood, while the Dubya himself is exerting enough to sign the dotted line. Now will somebody tell us where and what is national interest. It is different things for different people. Like for the Left it is playing it safe (protesting and not really pulling the plug), and for the right it is Yes and No at the same time they want the thing to be over but at the same time (for just the sake of it) shout from the rooftops ” I dont like the way U do that to me”. And for the UPA its just clinching a deal as early as possible (No matter if at the same time sloganing “long lasting friendship with Iran blah blah…).


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