The purchasing power of Hyderabad.

Truly its unbelieveable that theres so much of riches in this part of the world. Atleast a small stroll around Prasadz IMAX multiplex or the Hyderabad Central or even the several upcomming Jewellery showrooms in hyderabad. Its ofcourse an experience to shop, eat and celebrate or a complete different shopping & movie watching experience at all these places.

I was wondering where all those riches were all these days. Its known and for sure that the IT and ITeS have been the corner stone of all the development here. But apart from them a host of industries like Pharma, Electronic (although we have seen shutting down of Alwyn and IDPL) have been blooming and thriving. I also have a feeling are we Hayderabadis so stinkingly rich while the Old city was burning (still is) ofcourse it has its own reasons and we cant help it. Its a success worth recording, as to how a communally dsiturbed city had reaped such huge financial benifits while the other end of the town is still burning.

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