The terror perpetrators

In the pic are the Sketches of the suspects released by UP Police 

I was travelling by an auto rickshaw (motorised rickshaw) in Hyderabad today in the morning and found myself in the midst of a deep discussion with the auto driver (a migrant from costal part of AP). The discussion landed up in the serial blasts of the other day in the Holy city of Varanasi. He was cursing the Muslim clergy and muslim politicos for the heinous acts. I too had to empathise with him to keep the discussion going. So my Rickshaw wallah is all sorry for the young men who are being trapped into the web of terror. And he simply doesnt understand as to why u need to burn and knock everything on the street for something that happened in the west. (By the way he was referring to the Cartoon of the danish daily, Jyllands posten) And by the way he has a very good analysis (gud coz it was better than that of the Police dept on TV) what he says is its targeted at Hindus and not India, and the reason he says is that the same sort of serial bombing was carried out befor diwali and now its holi time.

The fundamentalists of terror and blood mongers (I am shocked and feel pity that they are young and not even 25) have struck again, this time again like their previous “success” in the hearts of the millions of Hindus and Indians at large. In the holy city of Varanasi, Holy because its been the knowledge centre for ages. Saints, common people alike rever it more than anything they love the place. I was shocked to learn that one of them has been  a muslim youth (Died in Encounter hours later) from Andhra Pradesh. Its a feeling of deep insult that people from your region are involved in acts of hieneous crimes. And its been a normal thing now a days that theres a terrorist act and the next few hours you find the roots of atleast one person from Muslim community and that too from Andhrapradesh. Especially the Old city of Hyderabad and the District of Nalgonds (banks of Nagarjuna sagar dam).


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