A thing of Joy is sorrow for lots more

I thought it was a delightful shower of blessing from the rain God. The mornings were cool chilling and so were the nights, with the days becoming cooler it was a nice time. Atleast for me whos wandering for search of stories that were cultural in nature. Its become a sort of a routine for me to wake up early and wander in the day and night no matter what, for stories that would be appealing and apalling.

And not until the next morning that I knew it has caused great losses to 1000’s of poor farmers. The same reason for my Joy was a reason for sorrow and life and death for atleast farmers of the 22,000 acres. Iam sorry for the poor farmer as I sit and type this piece in my A/C reliance Web world cyber cafe.

Farmers in AP, Madhyapradesh, Karnataka, Rajastan were effected by the incesant rains. And my room mates claim all this a result of the Tsunami. (Might be I cant really say with my limited mind).

The farmers lost their hard earned crops at the verge of a harvest season worth an Initial estimate of Rs. 100 cr.  Crops including Papaya, Sunflower, corn, Chilli, fruit orchids were affected with losses staggering. A total of 5,000 live stocks including poultry, sheep were an additional burden to the already debt ridden farmers.


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