Reading “The World is Flat”

Its been a wonderful book.  I dont know If everybody likes it or not.  Iam still reading and it might be a bit too premature to comment ofn something that I havent completed but still I’ll dare to. The one thing that I like about the book is the Humour though not rib tickling, is gud enoughto change ur grinning (if not locked brows) into a streching of ur lips once in a while. And thats gud enough as the most part of the book discusses some sort of (and truly) the flattening of the world. Dotted with his experiences with calll center executives and the first ovation he got in Bangalore for what he call ” speaking in Minnesotan”. A level playing field Democratic and streching wide and offering equality.

TWice winner of the Pulitzer changes his what his critics called so-called “pro-alqaida” attituide in the “The lexus and the Olive tree” and picks up his pen from where he actually left. But with a shift to what critics call “to the otherside of the fence”.  (Though I havent read this one) Comparing himself with the Columbus who went on a voyage to find India and ending up in West indies and saying the earth is round Tom says hes found that earth is flat. As Tom mentions in his book which mostly is a compilation of his interactions with various Rich and millionaires as they are called (or Burgois if ur from the other side of the line) the flattening of the world is by the Information explosion and he starts from the 9/11. Hey hold on its not the 9/11 ur thinking of hes gone a bit back in time to 1989 when the Berlin wall was “flattened” and thus starts the journey of flattening. Here are the topics from the book or the Flatteners as he likes to call them. And this strangely is picked up from a conversation with Infosys’ top executive Nandan M Nilekani.


The World Is Flat!



[1]: How the world became flat.


While I was sleeping — The ten forces that flattened the world:

11/9/89 (when the walls came down and the windows went up) ;

8/9/95 (when Netscape went public) ;

Work flow software (let’s do lunch: have your application talk to my application) ;

Open-sourcing (self-organizing collaborative communities) ;

Outsourcing (Y2K) ;

Offshoring (when China joined the WTO) ;

Supply-chaining (Wal-Mart) ;

Insourcing (UPS) ;

In-forming (Google, Yahoo!, MSN Web Search) ;

The steroids (digital, mobile, personal, and virtual)

— The triple convergence —

The great sorting-out. —

pt. [2]: America and the flat world.

America and free trade (is Ricardo still right?) —

 The untouchables —

The quiet crisis —

This is not a test. —

pt. [3] Developing countries and the flat world.

The virgin of Guadalupe. —

pt. [4] Companies and the flat world. How companies cope. —

pt. [5] Geopolitics and the flat world. The unflat world —

The Dell theory of conflict prevention. —

Conclusion. Imagination: 11/9 versus 9/11.

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