Entry for March 16, 2006

The RED CORRIDOR is a docu show on the Maoists of Chattisgarh. I happened to tread on a mail circulated in the Yahoo communities and happened to watch the show at 8:00 now, I type this as i watch the show. Miss Vanaja who is one of the members of the Special Investigative teams (CNN IBN)  and I happened to contact her.

Its a well researched show on Maoists, (claimed to be the first on Indian TV) of the chattisgah (Bastar) what the Maoists themselves call as the Dandakaranya. Its a daring report filed from the jungles of the DANDAKARANYA and was scheduled to be telecast on 7th march but the Varanasi blasts have postponed the show. Its amazing (no appreciation meant for the maoists) that the maoists have carved a niche for themselves. They have virtually built their government in these forests once exploited by the patwaris or the landlords.  And shocking to learn, the militants / Maoists control 19% of Indian Forests. They run their own courts 155 JAN ADALATS and 14 executions awarded. The Maoists have a strong presence in 170 districts across 13 states. They even have their own tax collection system, with 10,000 strong Army, have an independent Judicial, tax collection systems inplace.

The Janatana Sarkar today controls a vast tract of land, stretching from Gadchiroli in Maharashthra to the Abuz Mad and Bastar districts in Chhattisgarh. The Maoist writ runs over an area of 92,000-sq kilometre, an area twice the size of Kerala.

I thought only the LTTE has such network and Srilanka is the only place victimised, but now right under our nose and in the heart of india !? And my foot what is the sort of responses from the Administration. I have never expected such a laidback answer. Not atleast from the Home secretary / the CM of Chattisgarh.

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