TB the King of Diseases

Another March 23rd  has just passed by, but nothing changed for those millions “coughing with sputum positives”. Yeah thats how they are referred to by the Doctors (the medical fraternity). March 23rd is the world TB day for just discussions in the 5 star hotels and Govt conference halls.

India losses about Rs 13500 crore annually due to tuberculosis. on account of loss of productivity and mandays due to TB. About 1.7 million people still contract the disease every year. The detection rate which is 67 per cent at present needs to be increased and that was possible only when more and more people come forward to get themselves tested. 50 to 60 per cent of the HIV-positive more vulnerable to tuberculosis; standardised, good quality treatment to be provided to TB patients

Every year 1.8 million people in India develop tuberculosis and nearly 3,70,000 die from it — more than 1,000 every day. The emergence of HIV-TB co-infection and multi-drug resistant TB has increased the severity and magnitude of the TB epidemic. Dropouts are the biggest challenge of the DOTS programme. Out of 1.2 million patients treated last year, around 60,000 people did not complete the course, many of them because of migration.

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