Ugabdi the Yugadi

May this New year (YUGADI 1928 shalivahana shaka ) give u a colourful life ahead equal with all shades of life adventures, happiness and a little sorrow that you can value the happiness too, Shocked noooo But thats the essence of Yugadi / Ugadi (The telugu new year) which embodies the true spirit of the festiviy and life too. The Ugadi pachadi (pickle) is a mixture of tamarins, sugar, salt, the neem buds leaves, and a whole lot of delicacies.

Its again the fortunes times, lend your ear to the cuckoos and taste the 7  distinct delicacies in the Ugaadi pachadi (a dish made of 7 tasteful natural items) in this part of the world, Andhra pradesh. The year (Yuga) starts with Chaitra sudha padyami (The first day of the first month of telugu new year) and its a wonderful time with Kavi sammelans (Poets get together)  beating the scorching sun with soothing poetry and the Panchangam (Scientific forecast or the next part of the year).

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