The Poverty lessons….

Kistna is a kid with lean legs and weak hands, I met the interesting Psychiologist, at a Reliance webworld in Himayatnagar.  It was a fine evening, I was waiting for a friend to pick me up for dinner with old time friends, at Himyat nagar, Hyderabad. There was a boy Kistna (12) asking for alms from visitors at the reliance webworld. Somehow I felt talking to him walked up to him and smiled, the fellow didnt understand and I just slipped into convesation as usual.

The rest of it is an interesting revelation. “Do u wanna come with me, I will get u admitted in a nice school and u can be educated” I prompted. Kistna was shy and initially reluctant to speak up. Then after a bit of persuation said “No anna (bro) I tried school but somehow its so boring”. “Dont ur father and mother ask u 2 attend a school”  I asked. The fellow gave a thoughtful look and said”No”, My father expired when I was 6 and I have two brothers the younger is married and lives seperated from us. While the ealder takes care of mother and me” he was speaking as if from a trans.

There were two more “sirs” and kistna went to them for his alms and came back to continue whatever he was sharing with me.  It seems he understands the art of requesting and sympathy winning. I asked him “why dont u work ?” Its decent than this one. He says ” yeah I tried but u see my legs” Showing his thinner legs and lean hands “I cant work this body doesnt allow me”. When I was in our village (Kstna is from Sadasivpet Medak district) I used to help brothers in cultivation but now no”. To help them in whatever way possible I take up to working in Hotels or beg. I just recollected reading in the mornings newspaper “11,000 Beggers in the city to be ‘eliminated’ says MCH”.

There are thousands of them migrating to the cities due to the perpetual drought in Andhra pradesh for the past 9 years. Kistna like many of his age is the worst affected, but who will see the facts. The kid has his own adventures.

  1. He earns Rs. 55/- per day by begging / working for the marraige bands
  2. He watches 2 films (minimum) at IMAX (Truly GlobalisationImage) the latest is Style being a telugu movie (it costs Rs. 60- 100).
  3. He goes for the Hotels that are a bit soft on alms seekers like a couple of them in Lower tank bund road. They give him packed left over foods.
  4. He takes home minimum of Rs. 1000-1700/- per month to help his brother.
  5. He wants to set up his own business or enter in to films.




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