CIEFL Prof Balagopal : Grammar books push u back to atleast 5 years

I was meeting this Prof. L balagopal of the Ciefl HOD Dept of Radio n
TV, A very interesting person and he opines “Grammar books push u
back to atleast 5 years” and goes on to add that Pre Puberty is the
age for correcting (if u want to call it that way)your
pronounciations and phonetics. “Its more Biological than
geographical, neither you nor I can do anything about it”. The
Central Institute of English and foreign languages deals with English
primarily and other foriegn languages as a matter of fact there are
students who travel half the globe to study hear.

Such is the reputation of the institute. Prof. Gopal is a malayali
and has been working at CIEFL since its inception. According to Prof
Gopal its a waste of time to sit years before the faculty for just
pronounciation or for that matter grammer and especially if its the
case of a Media student. “You pick up all the stuff primarily on the
job through trial and error method, so do not cave in to the claims
of Russels btrand russels (Institutes that claim to teach Spoken /
written English)”.

“We have a 2 year MA course that is aimed at students of varied
backgrounds that intend to get into the media. But for Journalists
Print, broadcast or otherwise its of no use sitting before me or
anybody. The cultivated english attracts only short term memory and
once you are out of the phonetics lab your mind gets back to original
local flavoured english. The best thing to do is Listen to English
broadcasts on Radio / TV, that helps “. says the professor. And

“I think a journalist needs analytical thinking and perspective as
well as perppetuality of the current events around him / her rather
than the Fluency of english or any language to that matter” says the
professor. He goes on to add that “Having said that, I should also
remind you that its an exception for the BBC and such organisations
that cater to a wide geographical audience, exception coz they look
for a standard english pronounciation”.

L. Balagopal M.Litt.(CIEFL), PGDTE, M.A. (Kerala)

  English Language Teaching, Educational Media, Audio Materials(for
learners and teachers of English)

2 thoughts on “CIEFL Prof Balagopal : Grammar books push u back to atleast 5 years

  1. Ceida Uilyc

    Man, Balagopal should read this !!!!
    Good Lord.
    An article with his name used more than twice and sheesh,chuck the whole article, but the “grammer” just stabs !!!
    GRAMMER, indeed !!!

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