The Nokia 6630 !@#$

Its been a tiring day hunting down the Nokia 6630, and trying to decipher the Phones International Lock… Poor thing theres no fault of its. One of my friend is returned from the US and has brought this piece as a gift to his Bro. Now the Problem is he took a T Mobile Connection somewhere in UK and brought it along (they bundle the set with the Service in the west) and as is normally the case they lock it with the software.
Now the biggest puzzle we have on hand is decipher the code and make it usable for the Indian service providers (Though they have never asked for !heeee).
Now the Beauty of being and Indian is u have all out license to break in to any service, pirate it and use it (its a service by the Indians otherwise imagine a Rs. 3 cr People soft software available in Hyderabad for as low as Rs.5,000-3000 in the Computer Institutes).

So I was on a hunt to solve this huge riddle (by the way let me accept that I have already given up). The hotspots for the puzzle solvers Secunderabad, Taj trisatar area (surroundings) the MAMAJI mobiles, the Jagdish market, the Mobile magic. mobitech and hardas market, as well as a couple of shops in Amirpet…. oooFFFFF after a tiresome search I gave up to the confident words of a fellow who promised me to get the software after a month. Now Iam waiting for the May 10th fingures crossed.

Hope We Indians will deelop our own tech n Software to solve such things (and more genuine and challenging things) …..

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