Self Help Groups in andhra pradesh

Self Help is the best help

God helps those who  help themselves

Self help has been a concept through the ages and while the Globalisation is re inventing the same the phenomenon has been in place for ages. And Bangladesh has been an inspiration for rest of the worls when it broke the news of women self help groups (popularly known as the Grameen bank).

At international level Dr. Mohammed Yunus of Chittagong University popularized the informal system of financing by establishing Grameen Bank (GB) in 1976. The  Grameen Bank has over 1000branches (a branch covers 25-30 villages around 240 groups and 1200 borrowers) in every province of Bangladesh, covering 28000 villages 12 lakh borrowers with over 90% being women. The most important feature of GB is its recovery rate, which is as high as 98%. It advances credit without any collateral security.

There are 440,000 groups of the DWCRA, with a membership of 5.6 million women in Andhra pradesh who have won accolades for not helping somebody else or sacrifice but helping them selves. They have accumulated Rs 8 billion [approximately $165 million] and have availed of bank loans amounting to Rs 7 billion [$144.32 million],

“I have visited countries in Africa, Indonesia and Bosnia but I found the self-help group movement in Andhra Pradesh to be the biggest one,” Mr Wolfowitz World bank chief said.


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