The burning summer heat and watershortages

Its been a roasting summer atleast in this part of the world (Southern India, Andhra Pradesh) . Call it human folly or the Natures fury, lust for money, selfishness of a handful of MNCs (I just read somewhere that the 80 % of the world resources are being controlled by the top 200 MNCs of the world) how ridiculous isn’t it ? And see their crimes towards the earth in this paper on MNCs (or TNCs if u wanna call them that way) Call it Globalisation or Exploitation its just the choice of words but the ultimate remains the same we are punishing the future generations for our crimes.

But at the end of the day its for all of us to bear the burnt of the weather change. If someone has atleast said he had a dream or foresees water as a business commodity I would have called up the Erragadda Hospital (famous Mental hospital for the mentally disturbed) but today India’s 10 billion-rupee (208 million-dollar) a year bottled water business is a cozy avenue for dollar craving businesses. This selfish dollar craving has undermined the basic (Human ) rights of the under previliged look at the Coco cola plant in Kerala the plant has been sucking of the under ground water tables to zero levels, or else where in the world.

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