Rajkumar passes away

It was a dream and wonderful experience when I walked along with my dad to the “center” as it was called (open place in the middle of the village) where a huge screen was erected and films projected on it. It was in early 80’s and I still remember the applause of the crowd when the protagonist, thespian legendary NT R came on screen.. His figure on the screen was enough to light the crowd with flames of applause.

The legendary Kannada (South Indian language spoken in Karnataka / Bangalore if you are familiar with)  Superstar Rajkumar (A Tamilian by birth) passed away. He is the last living legend for the by gone era that stood for socio fantasy films and mythological themes (for which India is famous and known for).

He is one of the three super heroes of the 70’s including the legendary NT Ramarao (erstwhile Chief minister of andhra pradesh), MGR (erstwhile Chief minister of  Tamil Nadu), ofcourse theres this Karunanidhi also whos a script writer for films who later on went on to become the Chief minister of Tamil nadu, and the current Chief minister of Tamil Nadu J Jayalalita, also Shivaji Ganeshan another thespian in Tamil cinema.


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