The Caste bug

I dont know If I can place myself in the shoes of those 360 million dalits / untouchables if ever I can I would be lucky. I was just reading this Quote from Somebody I really cant recollect who?

“If Untouchability isnt crime nothing on earth is”

I would be frank and admit that I also was one of those who looked down as a kid at those benefitting the RESERVATIONS. Cant really say if it was the jealosy of greater attention or the feeling of being robbed to feed them. That was what I thought then seems like things are much different from what I felt THEN…….

Now read on this piece from Outlook

“I sensed I was different when the government started giving free clothes for scheduled caste students. I was ridiculed by other students and humiliated in the class. I was told being a Dalit we were supposed to skin animals and work in the farms of landlords,” says Tanmay.

Today, thirtysomething Tanmay is a software design engineer at Microsoft Corporation in the US. A graduate from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, reservation, he says, actually transformed his life. In the heated din surrounding the government’s decision to reserve 27 per cent seats for Other Backward Classes (OBCs) in centrally-aided institutes of higher learning, Tanmay’s voice may never be heard. In fact, with the media spearheading a virtual campaign against reservations, there is a sizeable section of Dalits and OBCs who fear that empowerment through reservation will not happen if the government does a rethink on what has become a contentious issue among the elite.


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