The Damn Dam

THe Damn Dam has become a “fasting” reason for both the head of the govt as well as the protesting activists who wanna stall the dam until the displaced 35 and odd thousands are rehabilitated.  The govt argues that it is doing all it can to solve the issues araising out of raising the height of the dam. I was just reading that out of the 3000 and odd large dams in the 20 in India have busted the dam damning activists claim. The displaced are also huge in nos  the average number of people displaced by a Large Dam is 44,182 (Arundhati roy). During the twentieth century, 45,000 large dams were built in 140 countries, complicated projects that are now being recognized as major environmental and humanitarian disasters. But time and tide wait for none. The developmental wheel has to turn and at the same time the displaced need to be taken care of rehabilitated.

Acquiring a multi domensional protesting issue the dam stood at the center of a thirsting gujaratis (Kuchiis) and the displaced poor as well as the amir khan (one of those stupid celebs who wants to meddle in each and every issue) while it is understandable  of the plight of the victims.  See another moronic tale of narration by the Pulitzer prize winning (God of small things) Arundhati roy who also falls in to the same category that of Amir. Its the price of development one pays inevitably.

And before i wind up here is a Pro-dam pro development arugument by Mr Balla.

2 thoughts on “The Damn Dam

  1. Dr Jayaraj M B

    may be the people who are being driven off will not be able to think beyond the food of the evening same day…so may be they are pretty ignorant about the developments in the IT field or metros in india as well…but unluckily for them they happened to be born as indians…and no where can find their home as is easy to think in a big scale and big canvas…but if we come to hear the sighs in the kerocene lantern lights in those huts which is not gonna change if the dam is built or not we may also think the same…it is merely easy to see life in our own perspective…i hope you can accept that ideology as well…i think people who stands with environment and poor can not be considered just rubbish…it is not that i am an anti developmentalist…but still…

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