Basic Instinct 2 (Lacking the instinct)

You guessed it right, the MOST AWAITED SEQUEL is a dud with not much intelligence and no interesting narration or action, except for a couple of opening scenes. Although theres the Explosive content that alone is not enough to pull the viewer into the script. I have seen a couple of the promos on TV…………..  Look at them, promos even they are not that catchy. “Regardless of how Basic Instinct 2 was executed, I think it’s really hard for sex in the cinema”Michael Dougals told WENN

Critics savaged Basic Instinct 2, many finding its tale of erotic intrigue both laughable and dull. Sony held out hopes the movie would find an audience on DVD.  —

And look at the reviews in aIndian newspapers belittling except a couple of them (who copied from Gaurdian etc…) none of them wrote genuine all carried away by the erotica in the film.

The most interesting thing is its dubbed in Hindi version is still more worse. Sharone stone winning the case against the producers to star in the sequel (coz she put her career mind body at stake for the first one and she deserves to be donned in the sequel too) has raised a bit of interest (its beome routine now) but other than that nothing is very much arousing / pulling into the film.

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