Unbecomming of an IMAM

Ascuffle broke out after the zee news correspondent persisted on his question weather the Imam has talked to the PM regarding the 8.33 % reservation to Socially & economically weaker muslims and theImam stayed silent. Andhis younger brother Yahya Bukhari and supporters started abusing and beating up the zee news correspondent Yusuf Ansari. All this in broad daylight and infront of the PM residence before the SPG gaurds and police.

The reservation issue provoked a scuffle between Bukhari’s aides and a TV reporter, Yusuf Ansari, outside the Prime Minister’s residence. Bukhari reportedly ignored Ansari’s questions. When Ansari protested, an aide slapped him. “I condemn the actions of both,” the imam said.

The irony is that the media has been beaten black and blue (though only one journo recieved it and for doing his job) and no one seems to be caring about that. And u see thats what is secularism in India. If it were with some Hindu organistaion hell would have broken by now.

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