I dont understand ?

YEah thats what has been my reflections and reactions after I read stories like

Couples can live together even after triple talaq: SC

and many more such things. The Islamic world run by the Mullahs and moulvis putting the masses into darkness and not allowing them to progress infact retracting them into years of dark ages is what concerns me. The above is an attempt by the Govt to bring the basic human rights to the women of Islam. And most of the times in the name of Islam (no hurt or harm intended to anybody truly Islamic) retrogate the fruits of the freedom. Like in the case of the Shah Bano case where Justice was reversed with the help of a legislation. be it the Gudiya case or several others but who cares for the Muslim woman in specific and the muslims in common atleast in India…..?!

But who cares the west is afraid of taking on the religion (only to coin the CLASH OF CIVILISTATIONS & use the military muscle) and not in truly changing or reforming the religion as a whole for the benefit of millions.



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