The culprit writes

The man who mislead (I dont know if he really did) LK Advani in his trip to the lahore and then issuing a contraversial statement on jinnahand the controversy that followed had cost him his post as the leader of the BJP. And this man Sudindra Kulkarni an ex-Communist (leftist) went on to become the Script writer for Advanis speaches. Now in a daredevil (feels like) views expression he writes on the threats facing the what he calls Bharat and India:

Thus, Advaniji’s Bharat Suraksha Yatra was travelling in that part of India which is facing two acute threats. First is the threat to our country’s internal security from increasingly audacious Naxalite groups. Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh has recently described Naxalism as ‘‘the biggest threat to India’s internal security’’. Second is the threat to our kisans’ economic security from what many experts consider to be ‘‘the gravest crisis in Indian agriculture since Independence’’.

He mentions of the Farmer suicidesin Starlit Bharat and the Stock market riches of the neon-lit India.

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